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Dietetic Services

There is a lot of confusing nutrition information around. It is hard to know what to believe or who to trust. Dietitians (APDs) provide advice based on scientific evidence and have a minimum of 4-5 years of university training. Dietitians with the APD credential are also required to undertake regular professional development to ensure that they are up to date with the latest research. Note, all Dietitians are Nutritionists. However, not all Nutritionists are dietitians. Choosing a Dietitian (APD) is your assurance that your nutrition advice is coming from a qualified professional.

Our Dietician has a special interest in the following areas:

1. Inflammatory bowel disease
2. Management of disorders of the gut brain axis (previously known as functional gut) e.g. FODMAPs diet, identification of common gut irritants
3. Constipation management
4. Celiac diseases
5. Food intolerances
6. Slow gut transit