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Integrated Solutions

Alongside the IBD clinic, dietary support and mental health engagement, IGH integrates numerous other services and solutions to achieve optimum gut health. For instance; IGH can coordinate microbiome assessments and interpretation, uses new and existing biomarkers to monitor disease progression, and can access the latest therapies approved or in clinical development 

The microbiome has been shown clinically to influence gut health conditions such as Crohn's, however interpreting new microbiome tests can sometimes be difficult. IGH has experience in understanding and interpreting the microbiome as it relates to IBD, but is cautious with the interpretation of data in this burgeoning research field.

Dr Radford-Smith has established a panel of biomarkers that may provide early indications of disease activity and/or progression. These tests can be applied throughout the IGH Induction and at times when the client and IGH deem it necessary.

In addition, Dr Radford-Smith has an active research team at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute an dis well-versed in novel technologies, including microbiome and genomics.